Breeding mares and caring for foals are major daily endeavors at Nebraska equine, especially during spring and summer. The many reproductive services we offer include stallion collection; semen evaluations; breeding mares via fresh-collected, cooled-shipped, or frozen semen; dealing with problem mares; and embryo transfer. We also provide care for foals, ranging from preventive programs for the newborn to diagnosis and treatment of the sick foal.

mare and foal

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We offer several reproduction contracts for your consideration.  We are updating pricing and will have the contracts up as soon as possible.

Mare Breeding Contract for Shipped Semen Download & Print Form

Mare Breeding Contract for Frozen Semen Download & Print Form

Mare Breeding Contract with Stallion Collection Download & Print Form

Stallion Collection Shipped Semen Contract Download & Print Form

Not interested in a contract?  Download the non-contract breeding information form.


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