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Heartland Farms, owned by Blair and Karen Cudmore, was devastated by a barn fire on February 3, 2022.  Nathan "Nate" Dietrich lost his life in the fire as well as 9 horses, including the well-known Southern Pride. Of the 10 rescued horses from the blaze, some have succumbed to their injuries and the others are receiving 24-hour care.  This page is dedicated to organize and provide information on how to help.  

 For Nathan "Nate" Dietrich

We grieve the loss of our dear friend Nate, who perished while trying to save the horses. Nate was funny, smart, stubborn, loyal, a gifted mechanic, a good musician, and a great cook. We loved him like a brother. Nate’s death weighs heavily on our hearts, and we know that our grief is nothing to that of his family. Donations made here will go directly to his parents. 

Click here to make a donation for NATE

In honor of Nate, a Gathering of Family and Friends will take place on Feburary 10, 2022, more information can be found at

For Heartland Farms

Items Needed Now that can be dropped off at Nebraska Equine Veterinary Clinic, any of the Northwest Feed and Grain Locations, Quail Run Horse Centre, H.E.T.R.A. or Regg and Wally's Tack: 

  • Needed  immediately can be dropped off at Heartland Farms 10- 100 gallon Rubbermaid or similar type water tanks (if anyone knows a way to keep these warm so they don't freeze every night let us know)
  • Need immediately at Heartland 50 bags Timothy Grass Pellets
  • Needed immediately at Heartland 3-4 tons Large Square or Round Straw Bales for bedding
  • lunge lines 
  • lunge whips/flags
  • Nutrena First Foal Milk replacer will be needed in the upcoming months. (Starborn Feed carries it, call them to order (402) 657-9634)
  • bottles/nipples, small buckets/bowls for milk replacer 
  • 15 Stanley 23 inch 50 gallon Mobile Tool Box, found at Home Depot (used for tack trunks)

TOOLS/MACHINE STUFF NEEDED: (can be dropped off at Heartland Farm ASAP)

  • ½” socket and ratchet set, metric and standard (1 set)
  • 3/8” socket and ratchet set, metric and standard (1 set)
  • hand wrenches, metric and standard (1 set)
  • screwdrivers (all kinds; 2 of each)
  • pry bars (2)
  • hammers (2)
  • pliers (2 assortment packs)
  • jumper cables (2)
  • battery charger (1)
  • cordless drill (1)
  • floor jack (1)
  • 15W40 Engine Oil
  • Hydraulic oil 

Multiple chickens survived. They are safe at Scattered Joy Acres, but when they're healthy and ready to come home, we'd love to set them back up in our shed by the house:

    • Supplies for building a chicken coup
    • water bowl
    • heat lamp 
    • spray insulation 
    • straw
    • door for the shed
    • nesting coop


Monetary donations are strongly encouraged at this time as space for supplies is limited and what is needed changes.  A non-taxable, charitable giving fund has been established through the Omaha Equestrian Foundation.  To donate, send a check, payable to Heartland Farms/Karen Cudmore Fund to the Omaha Equestrian Foundation, 1004 Farnam Street, Suite 100, Omaha, Nebraska 68102. 

Donate directly to the local businesses where items needed are being purchased:

  • To donate to the feed fund at Northwest Feed and Grain, call directly  (402) 571-0305
  • To donate to the tack fund at Regg and Wally's Tack call directly  (402) 289-1175
  • To donate to The Paddock (Tack and Supply Store) call directly (402) 493-0936 (they are matching monetary donations at 15%)


Volunteers with building experience will be needed in the next couple weeks. Crews will be coordinated to start cleanup/rebuild.  
As things keep moving along, volunteers will be needed for cleanup, rebuild, etc. Your time, energy, equipment and support will be helpful.  Check back for details. 


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