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Avoid Pee Panic

As we head into the season of white precipitation, we often get the panicked call from a concerned horse owner whose horse is peeing blood. This is very concerning if Read More

What a Can of Worms

Every horse needs a good program for parasite control. Read More

What is This New Thing?

This new disease isn't new, VS or vesicular stomatitis is a disease that typically presents itself every year in the southwest. Read More

What is Laminitis?

Dr. Thomassen Discusses Laminitis Read More

Can you spot it?

Horse owners associate the word “lameness” with feelings of dread, expecting that it may mean an end to a horse’s riding career. When they think of lameness, many people picture Read More

Don't Shrug Off Back Pain, Seek Treatment

Back pain is a common cause of poor performance in horses. Symptoms of back pain include pain on palpation of the muscles or bony structures, change in behavior such as Read More

First Foal of 2017

Meet Tempest, NEVC’s first foal seen in 2017.  Tempest’s entry into the world was less than warm and welcoming.  Her mom did not have any milk, and to make matters Read More

Viewing 1 - 8 out of 8 posts


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